Apart from documenting and analyzing cultures of history in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe from various angles, the Cultures of History Forum also regularly initiates more collaborative, special features that zoom in on specific events or discussions that concern the entire region (and sometimes beyond). By asking experts from the region to write about one and the same issue and how it is being debated in their respective local or national contexts, we intend to open up additional comparative insights into discourses and developments in this part of Europe.

Even though the represenation and contestation of historical narratives is not necessarily the primary subject of these special features, the past and

what is made of it still often inform the ways in which current affairs are being understood and attitudes formed; they therefore constitute an important backdrop to understanding local media discourses and political developments. 

The first collection of texts takes a closer look at the 2014 crisis in Ukraine and how it reverberated in the media and public debates in different European countries. The second project provides insights into local reactions to the 'Lex CEU' in the spring of 2017 and discusses illiberal tendencies in the broader region. Other special features will follow soon.